S1E10 – What Is Introverted Sensing? (Si)

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Transcript: Chase: I’m back. Yesterday we talked about extraverted intuition, which is the second to last cognitive function within the perceiving cognitive functions. Let’s talk about the last cognitive function that we’re going to be covering, and it’s the last of the known eight cognitive functions within

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Why you need to love yourself so you can love others

One of the hidden truths of life that very few ever discover is self-discovery. Self Discovery is a necessary stepping stone in one’s own development in life that leads to the next evolution of the soul: self-intimacy. Let me ask you a question, who here among you

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How intimate relationships actually work and what your parents won’t tell you

THE PROBLEM WITH MODERN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS Everyone is accustomed to the locker room speak of fellow bros trying to school their friends on the best way to get with girls or keep them. There isn’t much difference between locker room talk and talk heard at the office

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