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Who Deserves the Door Slam? An Open Letter to INJs.

  Dear fellow INJs, For us, loyalty is both the boon and bane of our existence. Having Se inferior necessitates us INJs receiving loyalty from others because at some point in our lives, we have all been abandoned or betrayed. The feeling of someone leaving without proper justification after all

Observations on Sex and Sin

It was a tale of two weddings. During a small gathering of friends and neighbors this morning, one couple, Laura and Adam, mentioned they were attending the wedding of Adam’s cousin, Jacob, later in the day. A “dry wedding” was their description. No alcohol and, by implication, boring. Their plan

S19E1 – How To Develop Your Cognition

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Can Someones Behavior Reveal their Personality Type?

  I’ve seen far too many people say something like: “I read articles about philosophy, all my friends say I’m caring, and I like to solve puzzles, does this mean I’m an INFJ?” The answer is no, it doesn’t. If you ask that question, you’re not only wasting your time

How to Determine Affiliative vs. Pragmatic

It can be commonly seen throughout the typology community that there is a misunderstanding of what it means to be affiliative or pragmatic. This appears to be specifically a problem when differentiating between Idealists (NFs) and Intellectuals (NTs). Since the simplest way to differentiate between them is juxtaposing one from